BESPOKE, your shirt only

From the sketch to the realization, our tailors will carefully create a unique and recognizable shirt, like you.

The tailoring

Why choose a Bespoke shirt

What can not miss in your wardrobe? A tailored shirt. Elegant for special occasions, casual for every day: a shirt with a perfect fit is the true touch of style suitable for any look. With its 22 intermediate processing stages, the BESPOKE shirt is as unique as you are.

English stitching

All seams are English, i.e. they are made in clean

Armhole built with closed sides

The wrist remains facing downwards and does not allow the button to come up just like in jackets


The mother of pearl buttons

The mother-of-pearl buttons are made with a very precious natural material, of great aesthetic quality obtained from the inner layer of some shells.

Cut by hand

Cutting performed one item at a time by hand without the use of cutters and anything else

Realization of the test sample

The deflection occurs on the customer

Choice of neck and wrists

Your BESPOKE shirt is highly customizable

Controllo qualita’ e misurazione

Best Quality / Price

Guide to the shirt


The seam with more than 8-9 stitches per centimeter and the small pentagons of fabric applied laterally called flies, are synonyms of a quality package and will protect your tailored shirt from tears.


The collar of the shirt is the most visible part when you wear the jacket, for this reason it is the detail that determines the formality and style of the whole look. It is available in different models, depending on the distance between its tips: from the less wide one called Italian to the more open one called French. You can choose between 7 collars.


The cuffs are one of those small details that can make a tailored shirt more or less suitable for a look or a circumstance.


White, black or colored with a thickness of 2 or 4 millimeters, you can customize your new shirt with many models of buttons.

Tailored haute couture shirts

The elaboration of the model fully respects the client ‘s physicality.

Unique and highly tailored shirts: these are the values underlying the Spitilli & Ghinè project BESPOKE.

Bespoke is a unique shirt, like YOU.

They chose a bespoke shirt

Ho acquistato la mia prima camicia Bespoke e sono entusiasta! Finalmente mi hanno realizzato una camicia su misura che mi sta a pennello. La prova sulla camicia test ha permesso al sarto di attuare lo sdifettamento direttamente sul mio corpo. Consiglio Bespoke a chiunque abbia bisogno di una camicia personalizzata su misura!


Ho una fisicità pronunciata ed ho sempre fatto fatica a trovare una camicia su misura che non solo mi valorizzasse, ma che fosse personalizzata secondo i miei gusti. Finalmente ho trovato Bespoke. Grazie Gino e a tutto lo staff per la cura che mettete nel realizzare queste camicie uniche.


Non mi piace tutto ciò che è convenzionale, ecco perché la camicia bespoke è perfetta per me: l’ho personalizzata nei minimi dettagli. Dal bottone, al collo alla scelta del tessuto.

Tommaso C.

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